Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vintage Farm Tractor For Sale

The first engine-powered farm tractors used steam and were introduced in 1868. These engines were built as small road locomotives and were operated by one man if the engine weighed less than 5 tons. The most popular steam tractor was the Garrett 4CD. Gasoline Powered Tractors According to Vintage Farm Tractors for Sale by Ralph W. Sanders (ISBN1-55192-031-X) "Credit goes to the Charter Gasoline Engine Company of Sterling, Illinois, for first successfully using gasoline as fuel. Charter's creation of a gasoline fueled engine in 1887 soon led to early gasoline traction engines before the term "tractor" was coined by others.

John Froelich Vintage Farm Tractors discusses several other early gas-powered tractors, "John Froelich, a custom thresherman from Iowa,decided to try gasoline power for threshing. The Froelich tractor, forerunner of the later Waterloo Boy tractor, is considered by many to be the first successful gasoline tractor known. Case ads in the 1940s, harking back to the firm's history in the gas tractor field, claimed 1892 as the date for Paterson's gas traction engine: patent dates suggest 1894. Charles Hart and Charles Parr Charles

W. Hart and Charles H. Parr began their pioneering work on gas engines in the late 1800s while studying mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. In 1897, the two men formed the Hart-Parr Gasoline Engine Company of Madison. In 1900, they moved their operation to Hart's hometown of Charles City, Iowa, where they found financing to make gas traction engines based on their innovative ideas. Their efforts led them to erect the first factory in the United States dedicated to the production of gas traction engines.

Hart-Parr is also credited with coining the word "tractor" for machines that had previously been called gas traction engines. The firm's first tractor effort, Hart-Parr No.1, was made in 1901." Ford Tractors Henry Ford produced his first experimental gasoline powered tractor in 1907, under the direction of chief engineer Joseph Galamb. Frick Tractors The Frick Company was located in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

The farm tractor as we know it today has a history that is rich but also troublesome with some of the most popular versions of these pieces of farm equipment not popular back in the days that they were first developed. The first ever tractor sale was recorded in 1897 and this was manufactured by Hornsby-Ackroyd and was a safety oil patented traction engine, powered for optimum usage. It is tractors such as these and also descendants of these that are known as antique farm tractors and have now become somewhat of a collector's item for farm tractor fanatics.


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